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• 6/10/2018

The series is not dead (what I believe)

I talk about this topic because the wiki is too inactive only the most active is an admin but good.On another occasion I will talk about the deeper topic but in this post I will talk about the reasons why she is not dead.

1.-They are planning something big, because if we know nickelodeon several content went up several days in which episodes were transmitted. but then they did not publish anything (via twitter),
what is this about?
Well that has to be for a simple thing, they do not want the series to end soon because of the good rating it got besides nickelodeon for what I believe is that the series would end soon for consecutive episodes that went up so that's why they left out of nowhere upload content of the series.
**So if you plan something big that would be?**
2.-It would be something like it was on April 2 in nicklive that they are working on the second season that they prepare it. and that season one will be uploaded in a bomb format. it means that they could upload a marathon of the whole season or two new episodes per week, although what I think most would be 4 episodes per week, but that when they finish the second season. to later see if season 1 has a good success and that maintains the good rating that it obtained in the 9 episodes like profitable series nickelodeon would approve a third season. but for that it would be the bomb format for the first season to verify that it is a good decision to continue with the series. Then, to release the second season as they were doing with the first season.
As all this happened the entire team in charge of welcome to the wayne would have more time to think, develop and do the third season well worked. No pressure and relaxation and a lot of time for season 3.

so if you read the whole post then thanks for reading and hope that this happened but obio. that the bomb format will be released when they finish the second season. and I no longer write so much that if it gives lazy xD read everything.
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• 1/30/2018

henlo pls help am new

someone pls help me i am huge wttw fan and want to contribute cos i dont really have anything to do in my spare time but research on wttw how do i join the wiki. idk i just signed up i have no idea how this works pls help me ;-;
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• 9/2/2017


It was quite hard...but the decision was ultimately made at the end.

More admins will be announced soon, so this is subject to change.

The two new administrators are:

- Jaylop91
- Kikyogirl

Congrats, both of you! :)
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• 8/26/2017

Welcoming to Admins & Bureaucrat, other position Applications!

Hey everyone! It's been a month since WTTW has premiered, so in deed with that, I have chosen that admins and bureaucrats along with chat moderators etc. should be decided.

Below is the form and you will be chosen by September 16, 2017 (my birthday!) on what position you will be. If you have any questions or concerns, please message me on my message wall.

I will also be monitoring your progress throughout the wiki.


Applications Google Docs
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• 8/7/2017


Let's talk.
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• 8/5/2017


Hi users of the Welcome to the Wayne Wiki!

I'm just going on a break from this wiki for a while and I'll come back.

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