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John Keats is a recurring character in the Nickelodeon television series, Welcome to the Wayne. He is a Squidjit who befriends Ansi by stealing his book, thinking it was one of The Stanza's books.


John Keats is a small, bulbous floating squid known as a Squidjit. He has a skull-shaped mint green head with a slightly darker shade of blue-green spots between his eyes and covering his mandible-esque mouth. He has large blue-green eyes and a transparent jelly-like sack for a body. He has mint- green tentacle arms and transparent jelly-like fins at the end of his body.


John Keats was at first mischevous as he took Ansi's book for the intent to get Ansi's attention. After meeting Team Timbers he is very caring to the crew.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • John Keats is based on the famous poet, in which Ansi reads about.
    • Ansi nicknamed "John Keats" because of the book he was holding, and the book is about the famous poet, John Keats.



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