Professor Jonah Bishop is a recurring character within the TV series Welcome to the Wayne. He is an archaeological professor, studying fossils.

He is portrayed by Carey Means in the official TV series, while he is portrayed by Korey Jackson in the Pilot.


Jonah is a tall, dark-skinned man with dark brown hair that is cut very close to his head. He has a black mustache, a soul patch and prominent hairs on his chin. He is often seen wearing a pale olive jacket over a white dress shirt, reddish orange sweater, and a blue puff tie. He wears dark brown khakis with a belt that are rolled just above his ankles and brownish gray socks with sandals.


Jonah is a very skilled man who takes his work very seriously. He repeatedly states to Saraline that Wayne Phenomena is strictly adult business. He shows strong resentment towards the interventions of Team Timbers in his research, and—due to them being children—does not respect their endeavors.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • According to Olly, he owns a motorcycle.
  • He commonly wears socks and sandals, claiming it to be due to a medical condition.
  • According to Garrison, he and Jonah met when they were younger.
  • He is one of the only few adults who can see Wayne Phenomena without suffering any repercussions.
  • This is probably because he's already seen weird stuff before, since it reveals that he and Garrison traveled around the world and discovered amazing things as well.


I have a foot issue!

—Rise and Shine Sleepyhead



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