Leif Bornewell lll is a recurring character in Welcome to the Wayne. He's usually seen riding his Segway around the apartment.


Leif is around the height of Ansi only slightly taller, his skin tone is pink with a blond bowl haircut. He wears glasses, an orange coat with a dark blue long sleeved shirt with a watch on his right hand, with a fanny pack on his brown khakis, and brown shoes.


Leif comes off as both highly narcissistic and entitled. In Chapter 4, he claims that he always gets Olly out of sticky situations, much to Olly's dismay.


Saraline Timbers

Both adore Pracky the Practice Friend. Saraline falls on Leif and she thanks him, then responds "ish" when Leif asks if he has proven himself an asset.

Episode Appearances

Season 1




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