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Masterson is a minor villain in Welcome to the Wayne. He is one of the henchmen working alongside The Spy from Apartment 8I, the other being Flowershirt.


Masterson is a tall, lanky man. He wears his hair in a blond comb-over and is seen almost exclusively in a business suit with a black tie. He has a considerably long nose and chin. Masterson is also seen often with a toothpick in his mouth and yellow/orange sunglasses. When not wearing his sunglasses Masterson is shown to have blue/brown heterochromia.


He acts very serious about working for The Spy from Apartment 8I even though she often loses her temper around him. He has a deep monotone voice, as seen in "Mail Those Cards, Boys!". He can be taken down very easily as Leif Bornewell lll opens a door that slams him in the chest making him drop to the floor in pain. Even though the show implies him as a bad guy he is really not, sometimes he is seen as the comedic relief and likes to quote people.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • He is the only character to have 2 different colored eyes.
    • Those who are Normas also have 2 different colored eyes, but in their case it is temporary.
      • It is worth noting that in the pilot his eye color was black.



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