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Saraline Timbers is the deuteragonist of Welcome to the Wayne. She has lived in The Wayne along with her older brother Olly Timbers and is a member of Team Timbers. She is the daughter of Harvey Timbers and Olympia Timbers.

Saraline is a brainy and mischievous young girl who is always equipped with all sorts of inventions and gadgets made by her parents, and like her brother—makes it her main ambition to observe and explore the Wayne's supernatural qualities. She's deemed herself to be the leader of Team Timbers, as she is considered the most responsible and investigative of the trio. Despite her mature demeanor- her short stature, physical appearance, and childlike qualities make her the most disregarded of members—most evidently by Jonah Bishop. In reality, her necessity to Team Timbers is indisputable, as it would indeed be deficient of necessary brain and sensibility.


Saraline is a young girl with a somewhat small stature. She has long orange hair pushed behind her head in a widespread coiffure, as well as a red and white cap with a round yellow logo. She typically wears a long olive green trench coat which drapes over the majority of her legs, along with a set of headphones around her neck (most likely Timbers Tech). She can be seen with the yellow hems of her pants, but occasionally wears her pink and floral "big girl pants" as well.


Saraline is an intelligent little girl, she is a bit of a control freak as she would like the be in charge all the time. She is very mature for her age, acting more like an adult than a seven year old girl. In the web series, Saraline is shown using her age and size as a tool rather than putting herself down because of it. Saraline often shows very little expression in her face and voice in comparison to others, like Olly or Ansi.



Olly Timbers

Harvey Timbers

Harvey is generally playful with Saraline, as he usually calls her "Bug face" in a way playful way.

Olympia Timbers

Friends and Allies

Ansi Molina

Julia Wiles


Tony Stanza

Leif Bornewell

Wendell Wasserman



Dennis O’Bannon


The Spy




Jonah Bishop


  • Saraline has partially gray hair due to stress she carries, as seen in "Spacefish".
  • She has a fear of clowns which is shown in the episode, 8:08:08.
  • Saraline along with Ansi and Olly, are the only characters to appear in every episode in every season.


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  1. Like a Happy, Happy Bird, halfway Saraline says "and mom wonders why I don't have any friends...I'm seven years old and I have to babysit everyone I meet."
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