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The Spy from Apartment 8I is the main antagonist on Welcome to the Wayne. While her origins are currently unknown, she is part of an organization named Calliope and is classified as Calliope Agent 31B. The Spy's main ambition is to take over The Wayne so she can control the world.


The Spy from Apartment 8I is a tall, pale-skinned woman with a long pointed nose, and dyed (according to Olly) blonde hair tied in a messy bun with long strands of hair framing her face. She wears a dark gray business suit jacket over a white button-up shirt, with a matching skirt, light gray leggings and dark gray shoes with a slight heel.


The Spy is very serious, she is usually the one who makes the commands between Flowershirt and Masterson.

Episode Appearances

Season 1



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