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Timbers Tech is the main technology used throughout many of Team Timbers' missions. Most of their adventures and schemes could not be possible if not for these machinery.

Both Saraline Timbers and Olly Timbers have originally inherited many of these contraptions from their father, as he is referenced to be the inventor himself. Ansi Molina was first introduced to his own Timbers Tech In the pilot. Some of the main Timbers Tech introduced in the show is listed below:

Olly's "Grapvine"

Olly's "Grapvine" is used in numerous occasions throughout Team Timbers' missions. Olly claims to have received it from his father, most likely as a toy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.22.08 PM

Regardless, Olly uses it to travel far and inclined distances to his leisure, simplifying his routes of transportation. It seems to be a simplified grappling hook, but with corks perforated through its sharp ends.

Saraline's "Snatch Adams"

Saraline's "Snatch Adams" is operated when Saraline requires something farther or higher than her physical stature is capable of. It can be assumed that her father passed this contraption down to her, similar to Olly's grappling hook. She used it to stop Sleepyhead from escaping the M.O.N.S.T.E.R in the episode Rise and Shine Sleepyhead.

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Ansi's "W.E.E.L. of Training"

It was seen in Today Was Wassome when Saraline wanted Ansi to train more by utilizing to become more experienced.

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